Friday, August 13, 2010

US Open of Surfing

By Demian Reyes (SMBA '11)

This past weekend, Matana Abramson, Jimyong Moon, Tana Prosper and I had the opportunity to work for IMG in one of their major Action Sports events: the US Open of Surfing. The event covered not only a surfing competition, but also had BMX and skate competitions, as well as concerts and a fashion showdown.

We were not very familiar with BMX, but after watching the qualifiers we were all amazed with the sport. It was definitely one of the fan favorites. Also, watching Huntington Beach local Brett Simpson beat Kelly Slater in the surfing semifinal was pretty impressive, but not as impressive as when he won the Championship for the second year in a row.

The highlights of the weekend to me were:

* Surfing - watched the best surfers in the world ride the waves.
* BMX - it is one of the most impressive sports to watch live.
* Concerts - working backstage for Hot Hot Heat and Weezer and getting to watch all the things that need to be set up for a concert of that magnitude.

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