Thursday, August 5, 2010

Guest Speaker: Matt Cronin

Victoria (SMBA ’11) used her current internship with the Mercury Insurance Open to nab tennis journalist, Matt Cronin, as a guest speaker. Cronin, who currently writes for, is also co-owner of, senior writer at Inside Tennis magazine, radio host at Grand Slam stations (including US Open Radio and Radio Wimbledon), and finds time to be the main English-language writer for official Grand Slam websites, including and

Cronin discussed a number of topics related to tennis and was kind enough to field questions from the class. He discussed the transition from print to website, the viability of tennis within American culture, difficulties associated with covering an international sport, whether or not the WTA will combine with the ATP, the decisions to expand tours to non-traditional tennis markets, appearance fees, as well as the role of gambling and PEDs in the sport.

Cronin provided insight into a sport that a number of SMBA ’11 members don’t know the ins-and-outs. The class thanks Cronin for taking time out of his Mercury Insurance Open coverage to talk about important topics in tennis.

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