Tuesday, August 17, 2010

LA Day

By Greg Moore (SMBA ’11)

Now that the SMBA class is in the final stretch of this busy year, it’s time to start putting networking and job searching at the top of the priority list. With that said, I, as well as classmates Aileen Berran and Lawren Wolf, decided to take a trip up to Los Angeles to shake some hands.

Our first stop was talking to Lisa Jenkins (SMBA ’06) and Erika Lamiell (SMBA ’10) at IMG Worldwide. Besides discussing recent acquisitions by IMG and the intricacies of their current jobs, Lisa and Erika also imparted their sage wisdom of job searching, networking, narrowing job opportunities, and—of course—recruited us for possible assistance with upcoming IMG events.

After a quick stop at ESPN Zone for lunch, we then met Carl Ossipoff, Western Sales Director for ESPN, for a tour of ESPN studios in downtown Los Angeles. The highlight of the tour was sitting at the ESPN LA Sportscenter desk, but discussions about ESPN operations, radio affiliates, the company structure, and progressive ideas were more valuable. Carl even informed us of an 8-week internship with ESPN.

Since we were in the neighborhood, we caught the Rockies-Dodgers game at the third-oldest baseball park in the country. The Dodgers won 6-0, but we promise our Padre-fandom was not hampered. On the ride back, I made sure to read our Organizational Behavior reading out loud.

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