Monday, August 16, 2010

Alumni Sponsorship Panel

The SMBA flexed their alumni muscle today, as Jack Tipton (SMBA ’06), Matt Balvanz (SMBA ’08), and Matt Furrie (SMBA ’10) collectively led a sponsorship panel for the SMBA ’11 class.

Tipton, who currently works in sponsor sales for the Pittsburgh Pirates, discussed the questions that one needs to answer when partnering with sponsors. These questions included 1) who are you?, 2) what is your audience/demo?, 3) what opportunities exist?, and 4) what value does your property bring to the table?. Tipton also clearly went through his Seven Steps to landing a sponsor.

Furrie, who currently works for Momentum Worldwide, then led the panel. Furrie discussed how to develop an activation plan and identifying ways to hit activation, which included target demo, consumer touchpoints, feasibility, costs, audience, data capture, and ROI.

Balvanz, who currently works for Navigate Marketing (a sponsorship measurement company in Chicago), then took over and discussed the before, during, and after of researching sponsors. Balvanz discussed how to quantitatively research sponsors and measure their effectiveness, which is becoming increasingly important in today's business world.

After the three guests taught us about sponsors, the SMBA ’11 class was given an assignment that included coming up with creative ideas to partner new or existing sponsors with the San Diego Rock ‘n' Roll Marathon. Despite only having a 2 hours, the SMBA ’11 class impressed the panel with presentations that included sponsors like Hard Rock Café, Garmin, and Oakley.

The SMBA ’11 class thanks our three guests for their insights and further knowledge about sponsorship.

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