Thursday, August 26, 2010

Playboy Golf Tournament

During the July 24th weekend, Alyssa Boyd (SMBA '11) and Peggy Morales (SMBA '11) assisted with the Playboy Golf Tournament's stop in San Diego. The event was held at Maderas Golf Course and, as you can imagine, many of the famous Playboy Playmates were there.

Even though Alyssa and Peggy didn't include any pictures of themselves with the Playmates, they did have a good time helping out with the event.

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  1. Not just any one—the Inaugural Playboy Golf Super Scramble. It’s a 4 day affair in March. I’ve already got the vacation time secured, got my wife visiting her relatives in Europe that month, and the dog booked into the doggy hotel.

    Golf Scramble