Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reflections from the LRC

By Emily Nakayama (SMBA '11)

I personally believe that reading and discussing leadership in a classroom can help prepare a person for a leadership role, but leadership skills can only be measured when put into a real-life situation. That’s why I found the LRC to be so interesting (and fun) because it gave each one of us the opportunity to see how well we can lead a team through a situational problem.

My team was comprised of four individuals, with myself included. During each challenge, one of us assumed the leadership role and was presented with the situation, a mission, a set of tools, and 20 minutes to fulfill the goal. The main objective, however, was to see how effectively the leader can communicate, generate ideas, and problem solve. With four different personalities in each group and no two situations exactly the same, the day was about listening to each other and working together as a team. I found it interesting that none of the courses could be accomplished with just one person and that everyone in the group was needed to accomplish the goal. Through the process, I got a better understanding of my leadership capabilities, as well as how to work when being lead by another teammate. I also thought the exercise was a great way to get to know my fellow classmates better and to bring us all little closer together.

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