Monday, March 22, 2010

Guest Speaker: Mitch Thrower

Mitch Thrower, the co-founder of, spoke to SMBA ’11 today. Thrower wrote up the business plan for in 1997 and it is now the premier website for people who want to participate in recreational and team sport activities.

Thrower gave an energetic presentation about not being afraid to “put your money where your mouth is”, protecting your image by being careful what you write online, reading EVERYTHING before you sign it, and thinking big. He even encouraged us to think in 3 and 10-year increments during our lifetime, so that we can set better goals.

Of course, to drive home some of his points, Thrower asked us to list some superpowers that we wish were possible. He then went through each one and noted how they already are, in fact, attainable. All in all, Thrower’s presentation was very informative, entertaining and…uh…active.

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