Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Leadership Reaction Course

By Alyssa Boyd (SMBA '11)

On Friday we were all given the opportunity to partake in a Leadership Reaction Course (LRC) led by our Leadership teacher, Steve Gera (SMBA ’07). We all went into the day without much more information than directions to the site, and that we could bring our own gloves if we wanted; this obviously left us all with a lot on our minds of what to expect from our teacher who used to be in the Marines, and his Marine buddies. Upon arriving at San Dieguito County Park, we got into our assigned groups of 4 or 5 and were ready to begin a day of leadership activities that pushed us outside our comfort zone and helped us learn to trust one another while thinking creatively to solve problems as they came at us.

Throughout the day, each group went through four different cells that had tasks we had to solve, while attending some “hip-pocket” classes from Steve and the other leaders in between. Each cell challenged us to think outside the box and work together to come up with some type of solution to get to the root of the problem and complete the task. We had to make our way through different hypothetical situations, such as getting out of a flooding basement, getting water safely to the other side of a mined fence, and using specific tools in a very specific way to get from one safe haven to the next. The LRC pushed us to really work together with the members of our group and learn how to take over a situation and become a leader when you need to be. Overall, it was a very informative, interactive, and challenging day, but we all left more comfortable with one another than before and with newfound leadership skills that we will all be able to take with us as we continue this journey through our Sports MBA.

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