Monday, May 17, 2010

Silent Auction for Dominican Republic Fundraising

This past weekend, despite a Financial Management midterm looming, the SMBA ’11 class was able to raise $2,230 towards the Dominican Republic Fundraising. That brings the total up to $5,264 with one month to go before we leave for the DR.

The class raised the impressive one-weekend total by collecting $700 for handing out promotions for the Padres-Dodgers’ game on Saturday. Also, Tariq Virani’s (SMBA ’11) aunt and uncle were kind enough to contribute $500 to the cause. And, of course, $1,030 was raised at the silent auction the SMBA ’11 class held at PETCO Park yesterday afternoon.

Items auctioned off included a Tony Gwynn autographed jersey that went for $250, a Kyle Blanks signed bat that went for $125, and a Rajon Rondo autographed photo that went for $125. The SMBA ’11 class thanks the Padres for their support.

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