Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Guest Speaker: Sean Sheppard

La’Roi Glover (SMBA ’11) brought Sean Sheppard, CEO and Founder of Embrace, to the SMBA classroom today to talk about his Foundation and career path. Sheppard started as a Strength & Conditioning coach for athletes, such as Alonzo Mourning and Dikembe Mutombo. Shortly thereafter he moved out to sunny San Diego to be a sports psychologist.

Through networking and close friendships, Sheppard was able to work with Ohio State’s men’s Final Four basketball team in 1999, Boston College’s men’s basketball team, and San Diego State’s football team. Sheppard then transitioned into a different role when he accepted the Urban Marketing Consultant job for the San Diego Padres. His job was to create business relationships with minority business owners around San Diego.

Even though Sheppard excelled at all of his jobs, he wanted to start his own business because he wasn’t “clicking” with decision makers. So, that’s when he started Embrace. Embrace is a nonprofit organization that uses health to promote racial equality and unity through activity.

Sheppard was kind enough to answer questions from the SMBA ’11 class about funding streams, corporation assistance, what a non-profit entails, the impact of volunteers, and the importance of Embrace. SMBA ’11 thanks Sheppard for taking the time to talk to our class.

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