Monday, May 24, 2010

Guest Speaker: CJ Olivares

Professor Scott Tinley was kind enough to bring in CJ Olivares, General Manager of Fuel TV, to speak to the SMBA ’11 class. Olivares has experience working for CBS and Fox Sports Net and he was responsible for creating an action sports platform on FSN that eventually made $10,000 per advertising spot for the channel. As the General Manager of Fuel TV, he oversees nearly everything the action sports network does.

Olivares spoke about identifying your passion and then looking to make a business or an income of it. He also was honest about success being identified by living in the right place at the right time and he hinted to luck being where preparation meets opportunity, as his short time at a Triathlete Magazine internship helped launch his career.

Olivares answered questions from the class regarding distribution, initial challenges of Fuel TV, programming, future challenge of demographics and Internet, the popularity of action sports, live sporting events, and ethnographic research for Fuel TV.

The SMBA ’11 class thanks Olivares for visiting with the class.

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