Monday, May 10, 2010

Guest Speaker: Doug Healey

With a Sports Law final tomorrow, it seemed appropriate that the SMBA ’11 class had Doug Healey, Assistant Director of Academic and Membership Affairs at the NCAA, in class today. Healey, who went to Purdue with Luke Epp (SMBA ’11), interned in the NCAA’s enforcement office during his time in law school and made the transition back to the NCAA for a full-time job through the network he built during his internship.

Healey discussed his job responsibilities, his day-to-day duties, and enlightened the class on current initiatives within the NCAA, such as PSA (Prospective Student Athlete) and APR (Academic Progress Report). Healey is in charge of looking at deficiencies for why a PSA doesn’t make eligibility, as well as grant or denying waivers for eligibility.

Healey graciously fielded questions from the class and then discussed possible internships within the NCAA main office in Indianapolis.

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