Thursday, May 13, 2010

Presentations to

Professor Bruton’s first marketing assignment for SMBA ’11 was to help out’s marketing efforts. In doing so, the class broke up into 4 groups and had one week to answer questions regarding the following topics:

1) Relaunch/Rebrand Skinit, Inc. Name
2) Wall Skins
3) Retail Opportunities
4) Social Media

The presentations were today and SMBA '11 presented to Skinit’s Vice President of Licensing, Linda Castillon. As an added bonus, Matt Hiller (SMBA ’10) and Lindsey Finnegan (SMBA ’10) joined Linda during the presentations. Both Matt and Lindsey presented to Linda last year for Bruton’s marketing class and used the opportunity to acquire full-time jobs with Skinit.

Along with powerpoints, SMBA ’11 developed professional leave behinds for Linda and her staff. Linda was gracious with her time and was so impressed by the presentations that she asked Professor Bruton to send her all 4, so that she could present to Skinit’s CEO.

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