Sunday, October 17, 2010

Internship with SDSU's Women's BBall

By Danielle Arrington (SMBA '11)

Upon entering this program, it was my goal to find a way to get involved with my passion for basketball and my love for the women’s game. Luckily, an opportunity presented itself working with the Los Angeles Sparks on their first annual pre-season game at Viejas Arena and continuing throughout the season. As the Sparks season ended in August, I was looking for other potential opportunities. I found that opportunity with SDSU’s Women’s Basketball team.

After speaking with coaches of the team, I was offered the position of Head Manager. Although, the job doesn’t sound very glamorous, it has been the best learning experience I could’ve ever asked for. On top of that, I love women’s basketball, I get an insider’s look at the team because I’m at every practice, and I get to wear hoop shorts to work every day.

For those wondering what I do on a daily basis, the answer is any and everything the Head Coach asks me to do. Whether that’s setting up practice, participating in practice drills, analyzing and reviewing tape, or doing a statistical analysis on players’ shot selections, I’m involved in many aspects of the teams operations.

As the season progresses, I see myself, more and more, becoming a fan….and an Aztec.

Go Aztecs!

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