Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Globalization of Sport

Another class is done for SMBA ’11. As the class heads into the final weeks of classroom portion of the program, a number of final projects and presentations are finishing; including Dr. Francis’ Globalization of Sport.

Six groups presented their research findings, which were conducted through primary and secondary research, on a range of topics:

1) Professionalization of MLB labor practices in the Dominican Republic
2) Unions and antecedents leading to the 1994 MLB strike and parallels to a possible NFL strike
3) A case study of NFL Europe
4) Lessons learned from the English Premier League
5) Comparing the Internationalization efforts of the NFL and NBA
6) Community building through sports

All groups did a fantastic job and with a final lecture from Dr. Francis today, there now remains four classes for SMBA ’11.

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