Thursday, October 21, 2010

Guest Speaker: Laura Broderick

Today, Laura Broderick, Senior Vice President of Brand Development for the San Diego Padres, visited with the SMBA ’11 class. Broderick talked about her impressive background, which includes a Harvard MBA and hiring current Padres’ President Tom Garfinkel as an intern when she worked at DELL.

Broderick detailed how the Padres have changed their logo eight times in their 40-year history and, as a result, have had no unity behind the brand. To that end, when Broderick was hired last October, she put an emphasis on the “SD” because it unfies the city around the Padres. She also focused on all of the touchpoints the Padres weren’t taking advantage of, such as the promotional giveaway packaging.

Broderick also went through the Padres’ community outreach initiatives, which include Military Appreciation games and Stand-Up to Cancer. She also discussed measuring ROI on certain events, how other MLB teams operate their brand, the Padres relationship with BAM, dealing with current hurdles, and transitioning from a non-sports career. The class thanks Laura for stopping by the classroom.

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