Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hay Poder en Aprender

By Alyssa Boyd (SMBA '11)

Having worked for the Red Sox for almost five seasons and being a huge fan from Boston, I was overjoyed to hear that we would be visiting Pedro Martinez's wife, Carolina's, project in the Dominica: Hay Poder en Aprender. A group of about 15 of us trucked on the bus through the barrios and ended up at a beautiful "classroom" and "playground" named Hay Poder en Aprender, or in English, "There's Power in Learning." We were lucky enough to be given a rundown of the facility by Carolina herself, who shared with us her and Pedro's dream to make a difference in the Dominican by giving children in different communities the opportunity to learn and play in a safe environment.

We stayed at the facility for about 2 hours. We started by getting a tour of the place, and then the children who were around (summer camp was going on, so not as many children and teenagers were there), sang for us, and then challenged us to games in volleyball and basketball. The SMBA '11 students managed to keep their game faces on during the pouring rain and competed against the Dominicans in a very intense and different version of "21" and a heated volleyball match. We were lucky enough to interact with the kids--once again battling language barriers--and view just how much of a difference Carolina and her husband have made.

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