Monday, June 14, 2010

Guest Speaker: Barry Axelrod

Barry Axelrod, sports agent and father of Bailey Axelrod (SMBA ’11), visited our Sports & Society class today to discuss a wide variety of topics. Axelrod, a graduate of UCLA Law School, specializes in sports, entertainment, and business law. He has served on the US Anti-Doping Committee and has a client list that includes Jake Peavy, Jeff Bagwell, Craig Biggio, Matt Morris, and Michelle Kwan. Due to his personality and client list, he has been referred to as “agent to the good guys”.

Axelrod discussed issues regarding performance enhancing drugs, health, entitlement, and image protection. In reference to image protection, Axelrod noted that “pictures are the new autograph”. In reference to entitlement, Axelrod said that parents, youth coaches, and scouts need to act more ethically.

But, his most important advice was: “Be willing to change if you’re not happy with something.”

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