Thursday, January 14, 2010

Orientation for the Sports MBA

The first day of school is always intimidating. What do you wear? Who do you sit next to? Did you bring enough pens? Is your backpack as trendy as everyone else's?

The first day of the San Diego State Sports MBA is no different. But, fortunately, the staff made it easy on all thirty-four of us. After having to quit jobs, leave behind significant others, find apartments, travel cross-country in packed cars or flying from half-way around the world, and getting settled in to San Diego, the intimidation of the first day was inflated even more.

But, again, the staff for the San Diego State Sports MBA made things easy. Over the course of three days, we were given in-depth information about everything, including the following:

- Financial Aid
- Registration for Spring classes
- The Campus
- The Recreation Center
- Our Professors

Guest speakers walked us through the above and we were able to meet some of our upcoming teachers. At one point, we had past Sports MBA students talk about their experiences and they fielded questions from all of us.

While the anxiety was being lowered, we were also given a tentative schedule, a faculty/staff parking pass, and tickets to the next two SDSU basketball games. Of course, since this is an intensive program, we also found out about our first class project. But, all thirty-four of us had been assembled from around the world and here we were finally meeting one another at Orientation.

After the staff succesfully eliminated the first day of school jitters for all of us, it is not hard to see why the school motto is "Aztec for life."

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