Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Guest Speakers: AJ Andrassy and Corey Price

After our second BA 652 - Statistics class, we had two guest speakers. While classes are a vital part of the Sports MBA, guest speakers bring real world lessons to the classroom and--of course--valuable networking.

Today's guests were AJ Andrassy from adidas Eyewear and Corey Price from IMG.

AJ is the Business Development Coordinator at adidas Eyewear and he explained that his job title entails a variety of things, including marketing, business planning, and selling. He spoke about three points we should be aware of during our time in the Sports MBA program:

1) Hard work

2) Keeping an open mind

3) Not being afraid to attach ourselves to a disaster

Corey spoke about these points, as well. He also explained how he's been able to use his SDSU Sports MBA (SDSU Sports MBA '09) to enter IMG's new business venture with Under Armour.

In the short time that we've been a part of this program, it has become clear that we will be given a number of opportunities over the course of the year and it's up to us to take advantage of them.

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  1. Thanks to everyone for your engagment. It was great to get back in the classroom, and I can't wait to work with some of you! Good luck in your studies.