Friday, November 5, 2010

Collective Bargaining Negotiations

As part of the Sports MBA, the SMBA ’11 class participated in a Collective Bargaining Simulation over the past two days. The simulation has been a part of the Sports MBA program every year, but this was the first time a class has tackled a current sports business issue: the NFL.

The simulation was part of the overall Operations Management course and included briefings and materials from Dr. Singh, who has a considerable amount of collective bargaining experience, and Jim Steeg, who owns a great deal of football business knowledge.

Thursday, which was a full day of negotiations, contained a number of highlights. They included storm-outs, a lot of yelling, stubbornness, press conferences, and a host of other strategic moves. In the end, 4 of the 6 groups reached a compromise, while 2 groups had to go to arbitration.

It was a great learning experience and, hopefully, next year’s class enjoys the process just as much.

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