Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pony's Vegas Party

By Ryan King (SMBA '11)

How do you re-launch a shoe brand? Throw a party in Las Vegas at a hot nightclub and have an emerging rapper perform as his new show is released. This past Friday that is exactly what Pony International did with their release of a limited edition Nipsey Hussle Top Star at Jet Nightclub.

I had the opportunity to attend the co-sponsored event between Pony and Red Bull as part of my new internship. To market the event, up-and-coming rapper Nipsey Hussle did radio interviews and had a brief meet and greet with fans at Revolution nightclub, where his shoe was on display before he headed over to Jet. Nipsey did such a good job promoting the event and shoe at the radio station that he gave his shoes away to the DJ. I had to retrieve a new pair for him before he went on stage.

Once on stage, he performed several songs and shouted out sponsors Pony and Red Bull for the event and the shoe. After his performance, he posed for pictures with fans and the shoe. Fifty pairs of the limited edition shoe were also given to lucky partygoers. Overall, the event was a success and Pony got its product in front of many people that probably wouldn’t have seen the brand otherwise.

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