Thursday, February 25, 2010

The San Diego Hall of Champions

The San Diego Hall of Champions is an American multi-sport museum in located in the Federal Building in Balboa Park. Here, they recognize outstanding athletic accomplishments and traditions involving more than 42 sports and honors athletes both on and off San Diego's playing surfaces. Most of the SMBA '11 class has already worked with the Hall of Champions on event this year (i.e. The Elite Eight Basketball Tournament and Salute to the Champions).

Today, we were able to hear from two of the important members of the Hall of Champions' team: President Alan Kidd and Marketing Director Angela LaChica.

Kidd discussed how he worked hard to earn his dream job, build a successful business, and then improve the San Diego Hall of Champions (while not collecting a salary during his first year as President). He urged the SMBA '11 class to help the Hall of Champions and even personally handed out his business card to all 34 of us.

LaChica's discussion was just as insightful. She spoke more about presenting ourselves well and keeping in mind that we represent our classmates, our school, and the Hall of Champions. She then discussed the hardships of being female in an industry dominated by males.

If the SMBA '11 class is looking for mentors, then Kidd and LaChica are a good place to start.

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